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Creating Characters: How to develop your Harry, Katniss, Percy, or Coraline

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

How do you create characters for a book, a screenplay, a game, or just to stretch your imagination? Watch the replay of our live workshop where we worked through how to create more compelling characters featuring Quinn and Ethan Turer.

Don't Start with the Character

What happens when people start trying to create a character? It's really hard and a lot of pressure. We say... start differently with the pet, relative, or best friend... then let your character develop rom there.

You'll see how we did it:

1) we don't start with the character (it's too much pressure);

2) we try to think about at those closest to our character (relative and best friend);

3) we create activities the character likes and what they struggle with; and

4) we place them somewhere that gives us room to grow.

Blogging from the mobile app

Our first live session was recorded and edited into a 45-minute workshop on Creating Characters. If you'd like to view the recording you can see it here:

Try It Yourself

Here are the five sections of our workshop to creating characters. And, if you'd like to use the worksheet form to share your character ideas for feedback, you can use this link:

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