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Bad Guys: How to Create Better Villains that Matter


45 minutes

About the Course

Why do we love to hate Voldermort, Thanos, Snape, Count Olaf, and the White Witch? We know they are evil, but something about them makes us crazy.

Learn the power of the villain and the conflict – including what makes us really connect with the bad guys.

Join Pennymores author and Georgetown Professor Eric Koester as he discusses how they built their villains in the story – and why the villains were one of the hardest things to get right in the story. This session will include a live discussion with his coauthors Quinn, Parker, & Aven. They’ll discuss their favorite bad guys and the origins of the evil characters in the Pennymores.

It's aimed at kids 6-14, BUT even adults can participate (and learn something). This is based on my teaching that has helped more than 30 of my students become national book award winners or finalists... and it's different than most people imagine.

Trust me, this is the perfect workshop if you've ever wanted to do more creative writing, develop a movie screenplay, or write a novel. You'll come away from this session with the foundation of your story arc. These techniques work... and they are fun too!

Your Instructors

Eric & Quinn Koester

Eric & Quinn Koester

Quinn, Parker & Eric created the Pennymores book as our pandemic project (it began as a bedtime story on January 1, 2021). Quinn served as chief "imagineer" for the story and Eric/dad as head scribe. Eric is a professor at Georgetown and has taught/coached more than 1,500 published authors with more than 35 of them winning national book awards or being named finalists.

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